a Beacon Hill couple owned a beautiful brownstone apartment building in this highly coveted neighborhood. The couple had owned the property for many years. During that time, Marston Beacon Hill acted as rental agents for the owners and the owners came to trust them for their ability to find quality tenants and bring them competitive market rents.

The couple decided that it was time to sell the property. Marston Beacon Hill identified an accurate sale price and sold the building within the seller's desired timeframe. Acting as sales agents, and using the knowledge they gained as rental agents, answering questions from investors was easy. They knew the asset's real potential as rental property, first-hand.

(This is where the story should end, but it doesn't. It gets better.)

The sellers wanted to preserve their connection to Beacon Hill, so they asked Marston Beacon Hill to locate a convenient condominium for their return visits. Marston Beacon Hill helped them purchase a lovely pied-á-terre not far from where they once owned the beautiful brownstone.

Even though the pied-á-terre was fabulous, there came a time when they needed tenants for this property just as they had needed them for the brownstone. Once again, Marston Beacon Hill was there to help.

All with the same firm.