Proven sales success
Our tried-and-tested recipe for success has helped us market and sell homes throughout Boston, and our record speaks for itself. Marston Beacon Hill has consistently delivered exceptional results for our sellers, achieving on average a 97% sales price-to-list price ratio. We accomplish a high level of satisfaction for our clients by bringing personal service to each of our listings. As a small firm, we have the flexibility to tailor strategies to individual sellers.
Experienced Boston agents
Pricing homes has always depended heavily on an analysis of comparable sold properties. Readily available sales data is one of the benefits of modern technology. Boston properties have the distinction of being unique, often one of a kind, with intangible value that is hard to glean from statistics alone.

Arriving at accurate values necessitates an agent who is familiar with, has sold or visited as many comparable properties as possible. Having participated in hundreds of local transactions, we are confident in our understanding of neighborhood property values. A Marston Beacon Hill agent will provide you with sound advice and an informed opinion of the value of your home.

We have a buyer in mind
We have the buyer in mind the first time we walk through your property. We begin by identifying the differentiating features of your home and imagining the likely potential buyer. Highlighting the features that make your home attractive to its best target market is what drives our marketing efforts.

At the same time, we may already be working with a buyer for whom your home would be ideal. We work with an active pool of buyer clients whose criteria we have carefully identified. When it comes time to putting your property on the market, you can look to us to find a buyer who loves your home as much as you do.

Superior marketing
We showcase your property's unique value and share it with as wide an audience as possible. Internet presence allows clients to see your property continuously, 24 hours a day. By posting photographs of your property on our website, on the multiple listing service, and by utilizing social media, print advertising, networking and word of mouth, we put your property front and center.

Marston Beacon Hill's visible location provides sellers with another opportunity for round-the-clock advertising for their property. Our windows are viewed by hundreds of potential buyers every day as they stroll through Beacon Hill, one of the most charming residential square miles in Boston.

Selling by design
Making a lasting impression is our specialty. We understand how changes in lighting, accents and paint color can make a difference in how a property is perceived. An orderly arrangement of furniture is attractive and creates the basis for distinctive photographs for online and print advertising. We help the sales process come alive by making your home shine.

Marston Beacon Hill sales brochures are recognized for the polish they bring to the properties we market, and are distributed at open houses and to our frequent walk-in customers.

We can help you sell your home in Beacon Hill, Back Bay, Bay Village, South End, Financial District, North End and Waterfront, Charlestown, Seaport, South Boston and beyond.

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