"The tour always starts in the kitchen."
Every sales transaction is a collaboration that begins with sitting down at the kitchen table (or maybe the kitchen counter) to discuss your expectations. Your timeline and goals inform the listing price and a marketing plan for your property.

Later on, your understanding of the pricing strategy will guide you in responding to offers. We know that you'll want to see the historical data that supports the listing price, and to learn about the intangible factors that to into determining value.
  "When my husband and I decided to expand our family, we looked to Marston to sell our condo on Beacon Hill. Not only did they do so—in record time—but they understood every nuance of real estate in Beacon Hill, both its charms and its unique challenges, and they found a buyer who would view our beautiful two-bedroom as the gem that it was, and then they spent as much time as we needed to make sure we located a new home that we would be equally as excited about."  
Jeff and Cherie D., homeowners
"When you bake a casserole, be sure to keep track of your ingredients. A good recipe never fails."
Your agent will gather all of the details relevant to your property and guide you in the preparations you may need to make prior to putting your home on the market. We may offer advice on staging your home, or recommend some key investments in upgrades. Your listing will be placed in the local and regional multiple listing services and a marketing effort will be launched that will generate exposure for your property. This will drive attendance at open houses, produce showings and in turn, result in offers.

Your Marston Beacon Hill agent will convey the details of any offer presented and will guide you in accepting, counter-offering, or rejecting the offer. We may receive an offer from any of the many other agents in the city as a result of your home's exposure in the multiple listings service. Our agents, well respected in the industry, have reputations as proficient negotiators who press for an advantageous outcome for our clients. We will protect your interests and your privacy and arrange the best deal possible.

"If you over-season the tomato sauce,
just add a little sugar."

At this stage, the purchase and sale agreement will be drafted and signed, and there is often a home inspection, an appraisal, and a mortgage commitment deadline. Difficulties along the way can be handled with the ease that comes from having a seasoned real estate agent.

Consider these scenarios: After the home inspection, the buyer suggests that you pay to replace two windows and service your air conditioning unit. How do you respond? The buyer would like to put a contingency into the purchase and sale agreement that he be allowed to begin renovations on the unit before the closing. Should you agree? The deadline for the buyer's mortgage commitment has passed. Does this pose a problem? The owner occupancy in your building has changed as the result of a sale and now the owner occupancy ratio is too low for your current buyer's lender. What happens now?

Most transactions have challenges. Your agent will know how to answer these questions, advise you of options and make sure that your sale stays on track. You can count on a Marston Beacon Hill agent's initiative and their ability to solve problems.
"Cooking is not chemistry. It is an art. It requires
instinct and taste rather than exact measurements."
The transfer of your deed and the keys to your home may mean your move to a new home or new town. Working with Marston Beacon Hill, you will be guided by an agent who has seen to your best interests with warmth and dedication. At the closing, the seller's delight is usually unmistakable. Marston Beacon Hill agents have enjoyed creating satisfying transactions for countless homeowners over the years. We work very hard to provide meaningful experiences for buyers and sellers.