What Our Clients Say
"I own a property in Beacon Hill. We needed someone who could care for our property in the way in which we would care for it. You have done that for us. We can count on Marston Beacon Hill to be on the spot when there are emergencies.

Their response has been terrific. I highly recommend Marston Beacon Hill, as they have been professional and always have time to tackle whatever issues we have."

Gloria Clough, homeowner

"I just flew with a really nice lady who lived in Beacon Hill and you managed her building too—we both adore you!"

Micki Gold, trustee

"I bought my condo in Beacon Hill that was listed through Marston Beacon Hill. The purchase was quick, smooth and professionally handled by the listing agent. Then, as a trustee of our association, I was pleased to learn that Marston Beacon Hill was retained as our management company. I have been most impressed with Rebecca and her team.

They are responsive and have a terrific network of qualified professionals to help with any building issue. They understand their business very well. Our small, old, and mostly owner-occupied condo building in Beacon Hill is very well maintained. Their guidance in our maintenance and property decisions is invaluable."

Jane Nugent, trustee

"We bought a condominium in Boston as an investment a few years ago. Since we live abroad we needed someone to manage the unit. It was a new experience for us and we didn't know how it would work out; however, Marston Beacon Hill handled everything, finding us an excellent tenant and taking care of all the details.

We would certainly recommend Marston Beacon Hill, as they have made the whole process very easy. They are professional and supportive, dealing promptly with any concerns or queries and ensuring the smooth running of our investment."

Candida Groom, investment owner
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"I was a trustee in a condominium association that had
been self-managed. We were beginning to encounter some
difficulty in keeping up with managing the building, and
turned to Marston Beacon Hill for help. We had no money
in reserve and no plan for capital expenditures.

Within the first year, Marston Beacon Hill streamlined
our budgeting process and developed a plan for moving
forward. As a trustee, I feel like I have the support we need
for our building."

Nathan Palmer, trustee

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