"The best dancers learn the music
first, then the steps"
We proudly present our sure-footed approach to buying property in Boston.

Finding the agency with the right attitude and experience is critical. When you choose a Marston Beacon Hill agent as a buyer agent, you have partnered with a professional who will guide you through the process with ease, and will look after your interests exclusively.

Experienced buyer agency
It takes two to tango: The right partnership is where every home search should begin. We believe that listening to what you want is more important than telling you what to do. There's the moment we've seen so many times when a buyer is discussing their ideal home with their agent—and all of a sudden, the answer is there.

We work to recreate this synergy again and again by being up-to-date with our marketplace so that when you say what you like, we can say, "I've seen just the thing!"

Insider knowledge
Let us take the lead: Learning the steps involved in buying a home can be complicated, but we believe that taking the lead makes the process much easier. Whether this is your first home buying experience or you're a seasoned investor, we'll provide solid footwork on which you can depend. You're smart. We're experienced.

Expert connections
Coordination is critical: Marston Beacon Hill provides all the resources, expertise and professionals you may need including trusted attorneys, thorough home inspectors, and other consultants. We'll make sure you're effortlessly navigating the waltz instead of getting lost in the hokey-pokey.

Strategic negotiation
We've got moves: When it's time to make an offer, you can relax. We'll negotiate the best possible terms for your purchase, taking into account comparable transactions, the current housing market and our understanding of the seller's motivation.

Your Marston Beacon Hill agent will guide you through the entire process, one step at a time.

We're delighted to be your partner.